Eyes Of The Soul Art

By Artist Terry Lynn Smith

Original Oil Paintings

By International Artist
Terry Lynn Smith

Terry builds mystery and narrative in her evocative oil paintings through the expressiveness in their eyes as she captures a reflection of her own imperfections. Her distorted figurative realism evokes mystery and wonder in the viewer.

Terry discovered her distinct style and fondness to paint after her long battle of surgeries followed by several painful illnesses. Expressing her mood and soul on canvas became her passion as she mastered the art of oil painting. Conquering her own disability, she shares her triumphant work with the world. Terry’s original oil paintings are for sale or you can order prints of these distinctive portraits. Terry is also known for her paintings in her surreal Eyes of the Soul Portraits and her soulful big eye oil paintings. In addition, she can create remarkable true-to-life portraits.

Innocent Allure

"Innocent Allure"

Thoughts Of Darkness

"Thoughts Of Darkness"

Terry has received many awards and recognition for her paintings from Art Works, John Tyler Community College, and Petersburg Regional Art Center.

Copyright Terry Lynn Smith. All rights reserved.

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